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Sehat Khidmat Awards

On the vision of Chief Minister Punjab “Sehat Khidmat Award” scheme is designed in Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department.  Under this scheme performance of health and allied professionals is being evaluated against set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Fifteen categories from Secondary and Primary Healthcare are awarded at district, divisional and provincial levels.  Six categories of health managers are evaluated at divisional and provincial levels.  At district level one average running basic salary, at division two average running basic salaries and at provincial level three running basic salaries are awarded to the winners.  A total of 750 awards are distributed after every two months as per given table:


Level Categories Awarded after every two months Number of districts / Division / Provincial Awards Total Number of Awards
District 15 36 540
Divisional 21 9 189
Provincial 21 1 21
Total 750


This scheme was initiated by Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department in October 2016.  Provincial level awards upto June 2017 have been paid to health and allied professionals in ceremonies held in Lahore on 20th June 2016 and 28th October 2016.  Governor of Punjab Mr. Rafiq Rijwana chaired the ceremony on 28th October 2016 and awarded the best performers in each category.

Online software for the same has been developed by the team of I.T. professionals of Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department. Training on the software was provided to all Statistical Officers in Punjab.  After implementation of software the reports will be available online to judge the performance of health and allied professionals allover the Punjab.

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